1. Be Focused
There is no need to list your entire work career, focus on jobs that are relevant to the position (preferably leave out ones that are not web-related). Then focus on the activities that are relevant within those jobs.

2. Use Lists
Lists help employers to easily scan through your resume and pick out the highlights. If they skim over your resume they will get a sense of whether you have the general skills and experience they are looking for. Remember, your resume may very well be in a pile of hundreds so you want to stand out as quickly and easily as possible.

3. Sell Yourself!
Make it obvious why you’re right for the position. Carefully read the job post and highlight why you are perfect for the position.

4. Be Human
Stay away from business speak and talk like a real person. Try to inject a little personality into your resume in order to stand out from the pack. Too much business talk can be stale and uninteresting.

5. Be Concise
It is quality not quantity. Don’t hide all your best qualities within unnecessary details. Get to the point.

6. Provide URLs
If you want to work in the web industry you are going to need to provide examples of work you’ve done and sites you’ve either created or contributed to. The interviewer needs to be able to look at real sites that you’ve worked on.

Provide links to your sites so the interviewer can look at the code. Don’t forget to point out the highlights within those sites so they can see the things you are most proud of.