Hello! Thanks for taking the time to browse my site and look at my stuff. You may be wondering how I got to be where I am today. Believe me I wonder that myself. I am currently a student at Platt College in San Diego working towards a degree in Web Design & Development. I am a refugee from the CG film & video game industry. I worked long and hard to become a 3D character animator. Eventually writing and directing a short animated film that got critical acclaim. So getting a job in the industry wasn’t an issue for me. It was what happened afterwards that was. Without going into much detail I will say I had a pretty rude awakening as to what the CG industry is like. In many ways it resembles what other industries were like before they were regulated. Like garment workers for example. To say the working conditions were draconian is an under statement. Anyway, long story short I got sick of it pretty fast and left.

Before becoming a CG Animator I worked for several websites including ABCNews.com and the Wall Street Journals Interactive Edition. So I decided to return to the world of the web. But of course in this industry things move at a blinding pace so being out of it for a while meant the need to update my skills. Fortunately we have a great school here in San Diego that teaches cutting edge web skills, namely Platt College. Originally I was only going to take a few Flash classes but once I got a taste for Platt’s curriculum I decided to go for it and commit to the entire program. I’ve now added a plethora of skills to my arsenal.

I spent the majority of my life living in Manhattan (NYC) until I needed a change. So in 2004 I moved to Chicago where I lived for a year and three months. Chicago is a great place to live but when I lost my job there I was quickly offered a new one in San Diego so I packed up and moved. I have been here three and a half years now. If you are an ex-New Yorker or Chicagoan be sure and drop me a line so we can grab a beer or something. I routinely meet with ex-New Yorkers and Chicagoans I find on the internet in order to make friends and acquaintances. That is one of the best uses for the web, actually meeting people away from the computer!