about me

Hello! Thanks for taking the time to browse my site and look at my stuff. I am a graduate of Platt College in San Diego where I earned a degree in Web Design & Development. Being sort of a refugee from the CG film & video game industry I decided to return to the web so I needed to update my skills. That is why I went back to school. Without going into much detail I will say the CG industry just wasn't for me.

Before becoming a CG Animator I worked for several websites including ABCNews.com and the Wall Street Journal’s Interactive Edition. But of course in this industry things move at a blinding pace so being out of it for a while meant the need to update my skills. Fortunately there was a great school in San Diego that teaches cutting edge web skills, namely Platt College.

In July of 2012 I relocated to beautiful Portland Oregon and love it! If you are an ex-New Yorker or Chicagoan, like me, be sure and drop me a line so we can grab a beer or something. I routinely meet with ex-New Yorkers and Chicagoans I find on the internet in order to make friends and acquaintances. That is one of the best uses for the web, actually meeting people away from the computer!