Want to hire me? Please keep in mind that all the coding and xHTML for this entire site was done by me. Most of it by hand as I was taught by my Web mentors. I am well versed in the most current web coding skills.

location: portland, oregon 97204

professional Experience

Freelancer - June 2008-Present

Freelance Web Designer and Presentation Artist for variety of clients such as Telcentris, Med Access, APDT and Aquent, concurrent to my full-time studies at Platt College.

Web Designer / Developer - November 2009-February 2010

Contract Position. Maintained and updated Telcentris's two websites. Their main site and Also designed and coded all email Newsletters and eBlasts as well as updating company blogs with WordPress.

Coughlin Stoia Geller Rudman & Robbins - - June 2006-June 2008

Multi-Media designer and Presentation Artist for large law firm that specialized in securities litigation. Created all presentation graphics with Powerpoint and Illustrator, set up equipment for trials, hearings and jury selection. Also acted as trial support.

Studio Gigante - - January 2002-November 2005

Character animator for video game company. Responsible for editing motion capture data and key framed animation for fighting game on the Xbox platform. - - May 1999-December 2001

Info-graphics artist and Flash animator. Responsible for original illustrations and web animations for current news events. Creation of maps and business charts as well as retouching of photographs with Photoshop.

Wall Street Journal Interactive - - August 1997 -May 1999

Web designer and Info-graphics artist. Created all Info-graphics and 3D graphics for Wall Street Journal and Barrons web site. Responsible for original illustrations, charts and business graphs. Also responsible for all interactive animations.

Fortune Magazine - January 1994 -July 1997

Full time freelancer. Functioned as a magazine designer, illustrator, info-graphics artist and creator of many icons for their Compuserve site. Responsible for charts and graphs as well as software and hardware upgrades. Attended editorial meetings and worked closely with writers and photo editors. Also trained staff in software usage.

Freelancer - February 1992 -August 1997

Worked as a successful freelancer in many different environments functioning as a graphic designer, illustrator, 3D artist, info-graphics designer, Flash animator or production artist.

My clients have included: BusinessWeek, Family Life, Fortune Magazine, Men's Journal, Rolling Stone, Travel & Leisure, US Magazine, Bestoni & Barnes, * Byron Preiss Multi-Media, Frank Hoffman-Gross Townsend, McCaffery & McCall, Ogilvey & Mather, Rapp Collins & Marcoa, S.J. Weinstein, Sudler & Henessey.

* Byron Preiss Multi-Media 5/1/96 -8/8/96 Designed and illustrated several hundred 3D images for interactive CD-ROM.
Also created animated pieces for disc. Assisted art director and producer in initial concept designs as well as interface
structure and appearance.

Associated Press - - July 1991 -Febraury 1992

Information graphics artist. Designed journalism graphics for use with newspaper articles. Responsible for primary concept, design, layout, illustration and research. Created charts, graphs and maps under tight deadlines.